The Caribbean as a fantasy space exists mostly in the digital, now, with a notable absence of critical thought. While viewers online have the luxury of being able to divorce themselves from the day-to- day violence-both physical and psychological-that permeate the islands, people who reside there cannot. Most of this can be found in the hashtag #IslandLife, especially on Tumblr. When searching #IslandLife, what does one usually see? Images of idyllic beach images, flora, fauna and smiling natives end to dominate the narrative, but is this an accurate reflection of the reality faced by those who must navigate the space everyday?


Coup aims to disrupt the visual narrative put forward by #IslandLife by subtly infiltrating the tag and forcing viewers to confront the truth of what happens on these islands everyday. Consisting of both a series of “corrupted” imagery and a deeper meditation on the Internet as sanctuary and a repository of what I call “untrue but valid” memory, Coup is a multimedia project that aims to be as accessible as it is critical.